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Water Damage Gets Worse With Time!

severity level graphic

Category 1 Best Scenario

Clean water, just happened. Minimal demo.

Category 2 Little Discomfort

Water contains contaminants that can cause sickness. Medium demo. Cat 1 degrades to Cat 2 with time.

Category 3 Detrimental Loss

Grossly contaminated. Most demo. Cat 2 degrades to Cat 3 with time.

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Quick-Dry System

We apply a system of mitigation techniques, equipment and methodology that allows for the efficient removal of moisture from your contents, building materials, and surrounnding air. In fact, using our system of drying, we can dry just about anything, including carpet and pad, drywall, wood floors, concrete, and tile, provided that the water source was category 1 and the materials have not been saturated for an extended period of time.

Benefits of the Quick-Dry System:

  • Dries quickly – structure, floors, and contents
  • Reduces severity of loss
  • Restores peace of mind
  • Decreases cycle time
  • Saves money

The Quick-Dry System is based on the science of psychrometrics. Psychrometrics is the study of the relationship between air, humidity, and temperature and their effect on various materials and comfort levels.


In additioan to the techniques and methodologies detailed above, we also implemnent cutting-edge tools and equipment to help us monitor the drying progress, and rapidly return your property to its dry standard. We use infrared cameras, carpet probes, penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters, and thermo hygrometers to measure the moisture content in various materials and the air; we use high-capacity air movers and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers in different sizes to dry your structure and contents, HEPA scrubbers to filter the air, and specialty drying equipment such as ducted and injection type systems, and hardwood floor mats for situations that require more specific care to dry effectively. Our advanced meters and equipment allow us to thoroughly dry your structure and contents as efficiently as possible.