4 Facts about Water Damage Restoration You Need to Know

Have you recently experienced water damage in the home? Water damage can have an enormous impact on the home – not just from a structural perspective but also due to damage to belongings and the potential risk of mold growth. At 1st Response Restoration, we provide 24/7 emergency water damage restoration service throughout Las Vegas. Today, we discuss the 6 facts about water damage you need to know.

First, we need to talk about insurance.

#1 Are you covered?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that they’re not fully covered by their home insurance. Water damage in the home can run into thousands of dollars – both from initial costs and long-term costs. Having an unwelcome bill on top of the stress from water damage itself is not something worth experiencing.

If you are liable for the water damage, it is probably not included in the insurance. If, however, you have experienced flooding due to a recent storm, you’re likely to be included. It’s crucial that you consult your insurance documents to learn what you are and are not covered by.

#2 Type of water damage

Staying with insurance for one moment; the type of water damage you experience may or may not be covered under your existing insurance scheme.

What do we mean by “type of water damage”?

If your home has been damaged due to some random meteorological event, such as a sudden storm, this is unlikely to be included under homeowner’s insurance. Instead, separate insurance must be sought. Again, it’s important that you consult your insurance provider, or documents provided thereof, to know where you stand.

#3 Long-term effects

When we think about water damage, we think about damage to flooring, possessions and perhaps even structural fixtures and fittings. What we don’t think about is the long-term health damage that water accumulation can cause. There are two primary risks we’re talking about:

  • Water pollutants
  • Microbial growth

Both sources go hand-in-glove; the more pollutants found within the water, the more likely that microbial contamination is present. There are various categories of water pollution in the home. Of course, your existing category may shift to a worse category over time. That’s why it’s essential to remove water damage as soon as possible. Microbial contamination may lead to ill health and, in severe cases, even death.

#4 Staying ahead

It’s important to stay ahead of water damage in the home. By this we mean preventing long-term damage to the home once a source of water damage has been identified.

Staying ahead also means contacting your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company can ensure that damage remains limited and does not evolve into something more nefarious.

Staying ahead also means preventing long-term structural damage to your home. Roof leaks can, for example, lead to a compromised roofing system. Roof replacements can cost tens of thousands of dollars – depending on the type of roof and the materials chosen for that roof. Always stay proactive. If damage is already present, contact a water damage restoration company to restore your home as soon as possible.

1st Response Restoration is the leading water damage restoration company throughout Las Vegas. Our 24/7 service has helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the city acquire the assistance they need. Have any questions? Fill out our online form and a member of our team will be in touch very shortly.